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      Shenzhen Comlink Electronics Co., Ltd.

      Shenzhen Comlink Electronic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") was established on August 29, 2002 with a registered capital of 63.6 million yuan. Its business scope covers the production and operation of computer and communication cables, connectors and optical fiber jumpers, import and export of goods and technology, etc. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of connecting cables for computers and peripheral equipment, communication and network cable components, multimedia cable components, cable components for household appliances, automobile cable components, medical equipment cable components, optical fiber components, power lines, interface adapters, precision connectors and all kinds of wires and cables.
      The company has successively set up several subsidiaries in Xiamen, Shenzhen, Wuhan,Hong Kong, Jiangxi, Shaoguan, set up secondary subsidiaries in the United States and Hungary (holding shares through Hong Kong subsidiaries), and set up offices in Beijing, Taiwan and other places. Through the business integration of all subsidiaries, the company has formed a one-stop industrial chain of mold design and development, connector assembly, cable production and cable component production. The company has a strong R & D team and advanced laboratory, which can meet the testing requirements of EU and overseas customers.
      The company operates in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system and adopts ERP management system. To realize the automation, standardization and digital management of its production control system.
      Comlink group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of connecting cables, communication and network cables, multimedia cables, cables for household appliances, automobile cables, medical equipment cables, optical fiber cables, power cables and other connecting cables and interface adapters for computers and peripheral equipment.
      Founded in August 1999, the group has set up factories in Xiamen, Shenzhen, Wuhan,Hong Kong, Jiangxi, Shaoguan,and offices in Taiwan, Shenyang, Beijing, Fuzhou and other places, where can provide customers with the most efficient and high-quality services. At present, the company has the ability of domestic and export sales, the operation platform of global procurement and strong global strength of shipping.
      At present, the group has a production base covering an area of 53000 square meters, 300 engineering professional design and R & D personnel, more than 500 quality management personnel, and more than 3500 employees. Most of them have been engaged in the industry for many years and have profound professional capabilities and experience. Our products are sold all over the world, with many well-known customers at home and abroad. The company has transplanted international advanced management and technology, established its own perfect R & D system and laboratory, and passed a series of international and domestic quality assurance systems and product safety certification such as ISO9001:2015、ISO14001:2015、ISO13485:2016、IATF16949:2016、OHSAS18001:2017、QC080000:2017, etc. the company is actively promoting the environmental protection system ensure that the company can successfully respond to "RoHS" and "WEEE" directives. To meet the environmental protection needs of the industry. The company has run ERP system to monitor production cost through advanced logistics management. "Quality first, Customer first" is the working principle of our Comlink people. High quality professionals, high-quality products, sufficient and punctual global production and marketing system help you win the first chance.
      The company has profound R & D experience and exquisite professional technology. It can not only provide various cables, adapters and harnesses by OEM, but also design and produce various economic, practical, advanced and reasonable functions, special cables, adapters and harnesses according to the connection requirements of customers' products.
      Comlink group adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty, diligence, self-discipline, unity and development", with a perfect quality management system and strong R & D capabilities, to provide customers with the best quality and perfect services.

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